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Sarah Bowen

Sarah A. Bowen is an animal chaplain and a co-founder of Compassion Consortium―the first interfaith, interspiritual, and interspecies community for people who care about and advocate for animals and the planet―where she leads the Animal Chaplaincy Training program. She also companions animals through death, creates sacred memorial rituals, counsels humans grieving animal loss, and advocates for exploited and endangered species in both religious and secular contexts. An RNS Vatican News Reporter featured her response to Pope Francis’s suggestion that having pets is selfish. 


An award-winning author, her latest book is Sacred Sendoffs: An Animal Chaplain’s Advice for Surviving Animal Loss, Making Life Meaningful, & Trying to Heal the Planet  (Monkfish Publishing). A columnist on animal/human relationships for Spirituality & Health magazine, Bowen’s work has also appeared in Parabola, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Psychology Today, and Animal Culture Magazine.

A passionate speaker and teacher, Bowen has presented for the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week, Parliament of the World’s Religions, Oxford Center for Animal Ethics, and the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab.


Amanda Ree

Amanda Ree is dedicated to enhancing the wellness of both humans and animals. Her profound connection to the natural world began with a remarkable rescue by her family dog when she was just 3 years old, and she grew up immersed in the nurturing environment of her family's Lake Tahoe pet store.

Amanda's spiritual journey took root in 2001 at the Sivananda Yoga Centers, where she achieved her 500hr yoga teaching certification. In 2006, she embarked on a transformative mentorship with the renowned Dr. Deepak Chopra, enriching her knowledge of conscious living and holistic health over the next 15 years.

Fueled by her unwavering devotion to both dogs and spirituality, Amanda established Sama Dog Wellbeing in 2016. has blossomed into an oasis of education, products, and services, providing canine companions with Ayurveda-inspired care to achieve whole-being balance.

As an ordained Animal Chaplain, an instructor of meditation and Ayurveda, and a Flower Essence practitioner, Amanda combines diverse healing modalities to nurture the physical, emotional, and energetic wellbeing of animals and humans alike.


Judy Lui Ramsey

Judy Liu Ramsey is a professional animal communicator, interspecies counselor, and shamanic instructor with over 40 years of experience. As a social work counselor and craniosacral therapist, she brings deep listening and dedication to her work. Judy is also an ordained animal chaplain and member of the Society for Shamanic Practice.


Judy co-creates closely with her spirit guides and power animals, who remain her primary inspiration and support for teaching and hands-on practice in shamanic healing for animals and animal communication. Her approach to instruction is to allow the animals to teach their people. She supports people to become still and open to receive what the animals have to offer. Her mission is to help the species live in peace with each other, to understand each other’s needs, and to be connected to a common life together that will help each one thrive.

Currently, she lives on her beautiful farm in Michigan with two retired barn cats, Lester and Charlie, and her labrador retriever, Stitch, beloved trees and vines, and lots of Hidden Folk.

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